About Me

Photo by Michael Patrick O'Neil - mpostock.com

Photo by Michael Patrick O'Neil - mpostock.com

The ocean is my biggest passion and my mission is to make people fall in love with the oceans. I blog about the ocean, conservation and sustainability and my latest travel and expeditions. Kiteboarding and paddleboarding are some of my other favorite things to do. 

'People protect what they love.' Jacques Yves Cousteau

I became a dive master and PADI instructor at the age of 18. After seeing the extraordinary creatures and incredible marine life that live in our oceans, I wanted to become an underwater photographer and story teller. I have witnessed the impacts of overfishing, pollution, ocean acidification, climate change and habitat destruction on marine life first hand. We really have to do something about this situation now, before it is forever too late. 

In June 2009 I initiated and organized Rotterdam World Ocean Day, an event with speakers from all over the world. Among the keynotes were  Captain Paul WatsonDavid Doubilet and Fabien Cousteau.

I work as a Senior Advisor at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), where I work on a plastic free ocean and saving coral reefs. I hold a Master in Business Administration (Erasmus University Rotterdam). 

'The next 10 years are probably the most important of the next 10,000 years, so everyone should listen up.' - Dr. Sylvia Earle

I am shooting with a Canon 1D-C in a Nauticam housing with a Sigma 15mm Fisheye for wide angle and 100mm Canon for macro photography. I also use my Gopro Hero 3 camera for video. 

Unless noted otherwise, all images on this website are courtesy of Vincent Kneefel - please contact me if you are interested in licensing. 

Video of a night dive in Kona, Hawaii, with over 10 Reef Manta Rays. This is my all-time favorite night dive!